My Son Daily Tour - My Son Is A Vonderful Place

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My Son is a rich community, Guangnan of Da Nang City, Sichuan Province, about 69 kilometers, about 20 kilometers from the city of the ancient tea car, is a combination of many palaces including Champa, a diameter of about 2 kilometers of the valley, around the mountains. It was held in place of worship is like the king of Champa's king the tomb of prince or Champa, love of the beautiful mountain shrine, is considered to be the main center Professor palace in India and Southeast Asia only types of heritage in Vietnam. View more my son daily tour

The construction of Cham towers is still a mystery

From 1999, the mountain shrine is a UNESCO World Heritage Committee at the twenty-third session of the United Nations World Heritage in the standard C (II) is a perfect example of the cultural exchange and the standard C (III) is the only evidence of the best Asian civilization disappeared.

Although the time the war had turned many of the towers of the ruins but exhibits sculpture, architecture remaining to this day still leave the styles period art history Cham people, masterpieces marked a time of cultural diluted commander-Champa architecture as well as Southeast Asia.

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