New Experience At Tan Da Resort

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A full day to discover and experience the atmosphere and comfort of Tan Da resort might not be enough. On Dec 01, 2007, our group consisting of 50 classmates boarded a 45 seater bus and drove on to Son Tay town (50 km west of Hanoi) and continued for another 15 km to reach Tan Da resort.


This resort can accommodate upto 130 guests, it has a 250 seat restaurant, a swimming pool, a spa, a convention hall, a coffee shop and a bar with karaoke rooms. Most of the rooms can be good for triple accommdation and some are long houses which are good upto 40 people. The resort faces a big lake formed by a natural stream which is perfect for the bicycle ride (double seater bikes) going through grass fields, a bridge and narrow roads.


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Visitors are not allowed to bring their foods and drinks inside and there is no entrance fee. The services are alittle bit more expensive than elsewhere. The rooms, constructed and decorated in old Vietnamese styles and bungalows can be comparable to standard of a 2 star hotel. As we have seen, some visitors are very frustrated with the biking service which is charged VND 32000 per hour and the bikes are old and with very low quality while there is always the risk that they have to compensate if anything happens that breaks down the bike.


Actually we had prepared ourselves some activities rather than using the services like swimming pool or the bar. Upon arrival, we made our way to a football pitch nearby and played football for about 1 hour. After returning for refreshment we had lunch in the restaurant of the resort and enjoyed some free time on the yellow sun of autumn. Then we had some exciting games like “tug of war” (2 groups of about 10 people each pulling a string from opposite sides, trying to defeat the other) and driving a tennis ball with a botther attached to a string on your waist. Everybody was fanatic for the games.


We returned in Hanoi at 9 PM after stopping over in Hoa Lac to taste the famous “Ga ri” at restaurants serving cuisines made from chicken.

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