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Hi there all my travelers

Hanoi is capital city of vietnam, it is consider nice and charming colonial city, located in heart of red river delta. in 2008 Hanoi was voted here being one of top ten city attractive tourists in asia region, and UNESCO also recoginized city of Peace, becuase there are alot green tree long the streets and road, combine with so many pond, lake and river alternative with old french villa all of those hamonious mix together to make Hanoi having that value, So Hanoi definitely interesting city to see for your Holiday. Travel Hanoi you must fingure out the location of your staying forwhile, Hotels in Hanoi are divided in to three region, city center this consider the culture of old town, belong to Hoan Kiem district, second region is down town, this is consider old french quarter, majority concentrated in Hai Ba Trung street and Ba Dinh this is both district located are close to city center. third region is new development zone, here is only high block flat and hotels hospitable service is not yet, so just few suggestion for you guys travel to Hanoi vietnam, take care and have good holidays.

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around Hanoi city there are many attractive handcraft villages you should not miss, such as Van Phuc weaving silk, lacqure ware making, wood carving of Dong Ky, ceramic of Bat Trang....

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We love Hanoi.........................

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