Things To Do In Sapa

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Sapa is spotted in Lao Cai region, 350 km from Hanoi, near to the outskirt with China. The Hoang Lien Son scope of mountains commands the region, which is at the eastern limit of the Himalayas. This extent incorporates Vietnam's most elevated top, Fansipan, at a high of 3142m above ocean level and an unlimited territory secured by thick timberland, rich in natural life. The town of Sapa lies at the state of mind of around 1,600m. The atmosphere is moderate, cool in summer, foggy and icy in winter with intermittent snowfall.  

The entangled territory of Sapa incorporating soaks high mountains with sharp cuts and substantial valleys, numerous surges of water in mix with slanted terraced paddies structure radiant view.


Popular for its amazing scenes, Sapa is additionally a perfect inhabitation for awesome assorted qualities of ethnic minority groups. It is likely that, Sapa was initially occupied via high country minorities of H'mong and Zao bunches who moved from southern regions of China, later came the Tay, Zay, and a little number of Xa Pho to structure the 5 fundamental ethnic gatherings which takes around 85% of the region's populace today. The Vietnamese, in little number, moved from lower area to the district, mostly living nearby, meeting expectations in government workplaces, schools, healing facility or running their own particular smaller than usual lodgings, shops, while most other ethnic people groups live in little villas and towns scrambling on the mountains and valleys all through the region. Until centre of twentieth Century, the H'mong and Zao, lion's share of Sapa’s populace, still lived moving style and rehearsed slice and blaze farming which created tremendous harms to the nature. These days, a large portion of them have changed into stationary one basing on serious cultivating and work their territory on slanting porches developing rice and corn, following the dominant part of the area is rocky. However self auxiliary is still the principle peculiarity of their creation and way of life with pretty much no contact to the outside world until 1990 when tourism began in the district. Then again, because of hard climate & atmosphere condition, stand out harvest can be developed in a year and the benefit depends much on nature in this way prompted a truth that nourishment lack is truly basic here.

A few visitors sign on for trekking campaigns never going to budge local towns and on the far side. All inns and travel orgs in city give day visits to Cat basically 3km outside of Sapa and full day treks to metal Phin town that lies 10km outside city. Stupendous landscape proliferates on all treks inside the space. Long stays in minority towns like Sin Chai likewise are decently preferred decisions.

When To Go:

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Visit Sapa

The best time to visit Sapa is from March to May and from September to November.

At these times, the climate is generally steady with sunny days and cool evenings. The primary period is the fall time. As of now of the year, the climate is extremely agreeable for tourism. It is dry, clear with much daylight. The perspective of Sapa's patios is grinding away's best in the middle of September and October. The cool and dry climate with the stable temperature sets aside a few minutes for trekking and photographs.

In the late spring, in spite of the fact that the climate is warm, it is not as hot as different locales in Vietnam. On the off chance that you invest time in this town in the period in the middle of April and May, you will have the opportunity to see the brilliant scenes of numerous beautiful blossoms and green fields there. Numerous Vietnamese visit Sapa after the Lunar New Year to appreciate the blooming cherry trees.

Visit Sapa

Below are the things to do and also the places to go…


Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan Mountain is the highest Indo-Chinese peak.  Trekking on it will give you an opportunity to stay with the ethnic group of people and their hardworking life style along with their helpful and kind nature. In addition to this, there is on orchid garden which is magnificent and breath taking when on full bloom. Trekking will not only give you a good physically challenging exercise but will also allow you to see beautiful bamboo trees which are equivalent to paradise.

Fansipan offers spectacular views on the way up which makes the whole trip worth everything. Also, the food offered by the people is really good and worth trying at least once along with the traditional dance performances by the village people.

Fansipan Mountain

Best time to visit Fansipan Mountain would be in September and October in autumn season during which you could see ripened rice along the foot of this beautiful mountain. January and February are not considered to be good time to climb the mountain. An advice for trekkers would be to carry their rain boots due to presence of water along the way. The area remains cloudy during early morning.


Love Waterfall

This lovely waterfall is a call for all the nature lovers out there! It is still a non commercialized and non touristic place where the view is lovely and kids could have fun in the water. The waterfall got its name from a love story which is being told generations after generations.

With the amazing scenery and gorgeous landscape, the waterfall makes the surrounding rocks look like covered in molten gold along with the lustrous green grass that gives an image of a poet’s imagination.

Love Waterfall

Located almost around 15 kilometers from the Sapa city and almost 100 meters high, the Love Waterfall is one of the most visited attractions in the area due to its ability to induce internal peace in people.

You could go, sit there and relax in the presence of the untouched nature, paddy fields and silver colored waterfall. You will surely fell in love with the spell bounding charm of the Love Waterfall. Your visit will remain incomplete without a visit to the picture perfect scenery of this waterfall.


ETHOS Adventures Private Day Tours

The great thing about the ETHOS Adventures Private Day Tours is that they hire the local people who are fluent in English. The people who become the guides of the tours are joy to be with since they are closer to their culture, traditions and community. The experience could not get more authentic and unforgettable than this.

When the weather is good and the sky is clearer, you can take a look at the mesmerizing views of the place which are something you could never forget in life time. The guides get you familiar with their culture and the area itself. With their personal experience and stories, you become a part of their families and in return they become the highlight of your trip to Vietnam.

ETHOS Adventures Private Day Tours

They not only tailor the entire tour according to your needs, but they make it all up to you and will cater the need of exactly what you want. With an intimate glimpse in the lives of the hill tribes you know that you are contributing in their live in a responsible way.

If you are looking for an experience which is off the touristic trail then don’t miss out on ETHOS Adventures Private Day Tours.


Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton Pass is a place which would take your breath away. With well paved roads and not so much traffic it is already a paradise and a hide point for the city people to cut out from the world. The pass itself is worth seeing; let alone the idea of the landscape.

The place is well suited for the photo enthusiasts, especially on a bright sunny day when the scenery seems as if it has been kissed by the sun.

Tram Ton Pass

With the very nicely built roads, anyone on a bike or in a car could visit the Tram Ton Pass without a problem. The best time to visit the pass is the dawn or sunset. The beauty of the place will give you an urge to make even cleaner and contribute to its impeccable landscape.

When in Vietnam, you just cannot miss out on this place as it is worth a visit.


Ta Phin Village

Visit to Ta Phin Village while touring Sapa is something recommended to the visiting people. It is a true picture of Sapa as well as Vietnam. The local people are friendly and will make you feel loved.

Staying or visiting the village could be a nice and an unforgettable experience for the tourists of the little village. With the surroundings of nature and simplicity of the place, you would start appreciating the basic things in life. The place is clean and cheap with a small stream of water where you can relax and stare in the blank space forever.

Ta Phin Village

The picturesque views of Ta Phin village are totally enjoyable on a small trek which is also very cheap and gives you insights to the daily activities of the hill tribes. The untouched beauty of the place is a total delight to the eyes and mind with the rice paddies and women’s embroideries.

In addition to this, the place has to offer local cuisine and herbal baths are also recommended which are also light on your pocket.


Cat Cat Village

The Cat Cat Village is an easy walk with wonderful views along the path.  Located around 2.5 kilometers from the Sapa city center, the village is known for its small craft stores and outstandingly beautiful views.

With the entry fee of 40,000 dongs, you can get some memories for life time. You can walk all the way downhill and enjoy the view of rice paddy fields all day long. There are a few places where you could have an opportunity to look at the buffaloes in water, pigs and even chicken walking on the streets of the Cat Cat Village. All the way downhill you can go for a waterfall form the dam, which was built in 1925 by the French people, and it will become you highlight of the day.

Cat Cat Village

Clicking pictures here and sharing the magnificent beauty is a must! However, the way back uphill climbing could be a bit tiring, making it a bit difficult for the elderly, but you could ask for a rented motorbike or even hitchhike to the top. 

Being near to Sapa, the village has become a little touristic with a few souvenir shops and handicraft stores.


Bac Ha Market

Opened each Sunday at the focal point of Bac Ha township, the Bac Ha Market is the greatest ethnic market in Lao Cai Province and most likely among some most intriguing ones in the northern mountains. Product sold at the business is shifted from weaved garments, handiwork, cultivating produces, sustenance  to poultry and dairy cattle, for example, vegetable, flavours, stew, chicken, feline etc 

Around hundred meters far from the principle commercial centre is the wild oxen and stallions business and it is truly intriguing to see the purchasers precisely seeking, keeping in mind the end goal to discover the qualities and shortcomings of the creatures before purchasing in light of the fact that a stallion is a genuine critical property in their cultivating work. The best time to join is from 09.30 to 12.10 yet it is interesting to spend few hours prior to see the individuals along the trail to the Bac Ha Market.

Bac Ha Market

It is beneficial to spend no less than a day and night here to investigate some ethnic towns adjacent and joining local people for the best market for a memorable experience.


Can Cau Market

Can Cau is a rural ethnic business sector, essentially set up on the open ground along the edge of a mountain, looking down a pleasant valley around 20 km north of Bac Ha. It is each Saturday morning when many ethnic people groups predominantly Flower H'mong assemble to offer their cultivating items and purchase necessities.

Can Cau Market

The market's most bright part is dresses area with shirts, pullovers, skirt or parts of the conventional ensembles with weaving examples in diverse themes lying on dull batik foundation however may be the most intriguing segment is the tobacco and wine segment when purchasers are permitted to taste the item before purchasing and numerous men get excessively inebriated to purchase much else!

In the ideal light of the early morning, Can Cau Market is the vivid business sector and the people groups as well as the wonderful encompassing nature make the visit here a remarkable outing, particularly for nature beaus and photograph seeker.


Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver Falls)

Taking after the primary street 4C 14km further north is the acclaimed Silver Waterfall and 4 km more is the most noteworthy mountain pass of Vietnam which is called by local people Heaven Gate. The street ride offers awesome perspective of the glorious Fansipan on the opposite side of the valley with huge lavish backwoods. The pass is additionally a perfect point for appreciating amazing view of the west side of Fansipan which is altogether different from the east side because of the distinctive atmosphere.

Thac Bac Waterfall

Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver Falls) is an exceptionally a lovely to visit it is as romantic as it sounds. Pleasant spot and worth a visit. The Silver Falls name as of now accounts for itself: Beautiful and radiant. You can watch the view while going for some merchant flame broiled snacks and hot tea, simply unwind and take it all in. This is a very simple yet nice place to visit with amazing scenery.


Shin Chai Village’s Terraced Rice Fields

With friendly people living there, Shin Chai Village’s Terraced Rice Fields are worth a watch. They are beautiful and magnificent on their own. The landscape speak for itself, one gets amazed at how the farmers have utilized the mountain slopes in order to get their terrace farming get going. 

The walk through the Shin Chai village’s Terraced Rice Fields is wonderful and this destination too is worth photography. The views are jaw-dropping and breathtaking set in the back drop of mountains. Local people offer traditional crafts, especially silk scarves and tout bags.

Shin Chai Village's Terraced Rice Fields

For about two decade, on account of the all perspective advancement of the area trying to transform Sapa into one of the nation's head vacationer destination, the neighbourhood ethnic people groups has encountered extraordinary changes and appreciate significant profit. Street to remote towns is ceaselessly manufactured and redesigned, numerous schools were constructed and the most vital one is the upheaval in farming and quick advancement of tourism which helps the dominant part ethnic people groups in Sapa enhance their live significantly.

Sapa is 380km from capital of Vietnam and various decisions exist to urge there. The first decently enjoyed is to sign on for one among the long adventures which joins a train excursion to Lao Cai took after by minibus exchange up to Sapa. A few such venture's range unit on give inside the travel orgs and inns of capital of Vietnam however from individual ability we've got no dithering in prescribing Hand span excursion Travel. 

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Sapa is very nice place to see, dont miss it. You should visit from August to October every year!!!! very nice fields!!!!!

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