Walking In Hanoi Old Quarter

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One of the interesting when travel in Hanoi is walking through the ancient streets, to explore the culture of Vietnam. The best way to really experience Hanoi Old Quarter is on foot “Walking in the 36 old streets by yourself”.

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You will not be afraid of being stuck in traffic or on the narrow way. You just have to discover the interesting things when walking through each path .As you explore the route below, stop for coffee at a local cafe or a storefront geared to tourists in the backpacker area of the quarter. If you are fashionista, try through Hang Ngang, Hang Dao. You can also buy silk at Hang Giai, drink beer outside the roadside at Luong Ngoc Quyen….

This route is a large clockwise circle through the Old Quarter. Walking times vary depending on your time and your interest in the details, but generally, allow a few hours. Tips: Try to study the map discreetly and know your next turn before arriving at an intersection. If you ask for directions, motorbike taxi drivers will just implore you to hire them for a ride and even try to confuse you. Learn to look for distinct rooflines….

It is interesting to explore theculture of Vietnam by the discovery and your own experience

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