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I plan to go Yemen, As a femal traveller on my own, is this a good idea?
Is there any strict dress code that I should follow?

Any advice will be most welcome

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Very Late Reply but the affect is almost same, please read what the local government says :

Local Government advises against all travel to theGovernorate of Sa’ada, due to on-going tensions between Yemeni rebels andgovernment forces from Yemenand Saudi Arabia.

Fighting has also been reported in Shabwah,Amran, Abyan and Jawf.

The Government advises against all but essential travel tothe rest of Yemen,including Sana'a and Aden due tothe threat of terrorism, kidnapping and tribal violence. We believe thatterrorists continue to threaten further attacks against western interests,particularly in Sana'a, Aden andother urban areas.

No part of Yemenshould be considered immune from violence and the potential exists throughoutthe country for hostile acts.

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