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travel to zambiaWe are a group of seven best friends. We had one week off in November. So, we decided to make the best use of this time. We planned one week tour to Zambia and we really enjoyed there. . Zambia makes you feel the real Africa! It’s a great place for tourism. Zambia is the rough edge of Africa. If you love adventure and wilderness, then this is the place you are looking for. One important thing that I would like to share is that the differences between the major towns and attractions are very large which could be a challenge to Independent Travelers. But if you really want to discover the amazing and real Africa, then this challenge would act as an appeal to travel to Zambia. You could use Zambia Travel Guide to pick the places you want to visit in Zambia. It will help you a lot.

The best weather to watch Zambia’s real beauty is from mid November to April. We were lucky that we made our journey in November. Our first milestone was Livingstone. Livingstone is an awesome place to discover the real adventures of life. With every step you take ahead, a real adventure is waiting for you. In Livingstone, firstly we visited Devil’s pool. It’s the most spectacular pool of the world. We enjoyed the most awesome experience of swimming in this pool. The water currents were very powerful but there is always a guide to help you to swim. It was probably the most exciting thing that I have ever done. We all were thrilled. You must add this place to your “must do” list for Zambia.

Watching Lions and walking beside them was another great adventure that we had in Zambia. If you want to add this travel to zambiaadventure in your travel, then visit Lion Encounter, Mosi-oa Tunya National Park. You might have seen Lions in Zoos but watching them in their natural habitat is completely a different experience. You would get to see many cubs. You would get a chance to touch them! We walked with three cubs aged between 5-7 months. It was great to pat young cubs. It was a life time experience. We really enjoyed our time at this place. The most fabulous moment was when a Lion roared. I got scared but it was great to hear them. You must visit this place. You won’t be disappointed.

The world famous Victoria Falls is also situated in Mosi-oa Tunya National Park. I have seen some other waterfalls but the view of Victoria Falls was breathtaking.  It is one of the most fantastic natural views. Victoria Falls sets in rainforest. This gives a magical touch to the beauty of Victoria Falls. We enjoyed the micro - light flight over the Victoria Falls. We spent many hours to speculate this wonderful beauty from every viewpoint. It was great to view that magnificent beauty. No trip to Zambia is complete without visiting Victoria Falls. I recommend this place to everyone. You would be delighted to watch such breathtaking beauty of nature.

Livingstone is a magnet of adventure. You would find a new adventure with every step you take ahead. Our next destination ‘Abseil Zambia’ was also full of adventure. It’s a great place for adventure lovers. You could do various adrenalin activities by taking one at a time. They offer Abseiling, Zip Line, Flying Fox, Rap Jumping and Gorge Swing. travel to zambiaI am not very good with heights but I love adventures and challenges so, I opted for Gorge Swing. I was very scared at first, but the team at Abseil Zambia made me feel very safe. My friends were cheering me up. It was the most thrilling experience of my life. It was scary but awesome. Gorge swing is a ‘must do’ in Abseil Zambia. We spent many hours at this place. We also enjoyed bungee jumping. This place is one of my most favorite places in Zambia. If you go to Zambia, do visit this place and try these adventures. You would definitely get some life time memories.

Gwembe Crocodile Park was our last stop in Livingstone. This Park has many crocodiles, snakes and tortoises. We reached at the feeding time. It was great to see a guide feeding snakes. We used to see this on Discovery channel. It was scary but interesting. After this, we headed to our next destination Lusaka. We had read the information about the attractions of Lusaka from Zambia Travel Guide.

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Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and a well developing city. Our first stop in Lusaka was Chaminuka Game Reserve. It is situated at a great location. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends. We really enjoyed the walking safari. We got to see some Giraffes and elephants. The thing that I liked the most was free Horse Riding and fishing. We caught 12 small fishes. It was a great day out. You must visit this place in Lusaka. We had planned one day out for Lusaka that we spent in Chaminuka.

After this, we headed to our next destination Chingola. Our only stop in Chingola was Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage. It’s a well maintained Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It was our most emotional encounter with animals. We got to walk through a forest with little chimps for 2 hours along with a guide. I must say that those chimpanzees and people are very special and they make you feel welcome. Bushwalk was the highlight in this Sanctuary. You must add this place to your ‘must do list’ for Zambia.

After Chingola, South Luangwa National Park was our next destination. I took us about 6-7 hours to reach there but this place is totally worth it. This national park is a world famous wildlife refuge. You could see a large population of Thornicroft’s Giraffes, Elephants and buffaloes in this place. There are hundreds of crocodiles and Hippopotamuses.  It is the best place for walking safaris in Africa. A very famous Spa is located inside this park. Its name is The Bush- Spa by Personal touch. It’s a perfect place for rejuvenating mind. We all had the relaxing experience of this lovely spa. The environment of this spa is magical. It’s a great place. Make sure to visit this spa when you visit South Luangwa National Park. You would love this experience.

North Luangwa National Park was the last destination of our Zambia travel. The greatest attraction of this place is Kapishya Hot Springs. The location of this hot spring is spectacular. The flora and fauna around the warm water springs makes it a tropical paradise. It is gem of a place. I just felt in love with this place. We took bath in the bush and the experience was really great. I was fascinated by the magnificent beauty of its location. I wanted to stay here longer but we had a tight schedule. I would definitely visit here again. This place is highly recommended. Do not leave Zambia without visiting Kapishya Hot Springs. It’s like a mini-heaven on earth.

Well, that is all about our journey to Zambia. It is an unforgettable journey. I love to cherish every single moment I spent in Zambia. It’s a great place to explore. I really loved the adventures and wildlife of Zambia. You must have this unique experience. I bet that you would love it!

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