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Barely two weeks passed when my boyfriend Wahlberg astounded me with an air ticket to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a splendid country to make your holidays and adventures stunning. Though I had little knowledge of the country I was certain of finding loots of amazing wonders which indeed was true. The country was home to numerous lovely animal parks, cities, museums, galleries and of course the popular Victoria Falls among many other alluring attractions that see the country flocked with tourists from all walks of the world. The weather is also mind blowing and soul soothing. We enjoyed very much walking and driving in the precious scenery that I got a desire to share with all who are planning to visit the country.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

We started off our great visit at the famous and magnificent Victoria Falls. The atmosphere roofing the entire region was exquisite and perfect for an afternoon picnic in that hot part of the country. We enjoyed being there highly. The fall was covered with lots of vegetation that that we at first hardly saw any water flowing, only their loud noises kept thundering at far. We followed a clear street that was compactly packed with tourists all moving towards the fall, to a high point where we managed to watch the misty conditions from half the fall to its bottom. It was definitely one great experience. We then trailed down to its valley through a winding sloppy path and certainly in between bushes. The valley was somehow unbearable as everything there was absolutely wet. We ensured we had photos of the fall and soon followed our way up the hilly terrain. The fall was also a home to numerous enticing animals and lovely birds. We cherished the sweet melodies that were played by the birds. The Zambezi River that was draining its water into fall was also yet another attraction. The river had clean water that allowed lots of fishes to survive. It was surely interesting to see the locals catch the fishes, roast them and finally allowing us to taste. We also bought some to carry home. Our visit was certainly amazing.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park was our second place of adventure. The park was indeed spectacular and gorgeous. It was a nice place to get infused by the cool fresh air as we drove all round. The park was a home to countless species of animals and especially the elephants. It was truly wonderful seeing the walking leisurely across the park we had to have their photos as we would want to keep remembering those good memories. The guides were also enchanting and walked us all round the park discovering and learning about each animal there. It was a great moment and we remained indebted to kindness and friendliness we had found from them. The birds were indeed charming. There were all types of tiny ones and the large ones. It was however sad to find the huge birds frightening the small birds such that they kept making lots of amusing noises. I liked being there and vowed to return for a second time.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

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Travel to Zimbabwe

The dazzling city of Harare was another place we had great fun touring. The city was embellished with different kinds of locals and foreigners all bee - busy that we found it very interesting to be among them. We enjoyed walking along the numerous streets that were attractive, clean and well maintained. All the buildings were amazing. The old ones were hard to be recognized as they were too well preserved and put into good use. The path we followed led us to the National Gallery. This was truly another place that we would hardly want to circumvent on our great trip to Zimbabwe. The balcony housed gorgeous items that were displayed in a breath taking manner which allowed all visitors to have enough space to walk through and explore all of them. The relics included the best collections from the entire Africa. The paintings too were marvelous and worth of recognition. We had fabulous time standing before the statues admiring and more so having photos of ourselves before each of them. This experience was incredibly delightful and would remain at the back of our curios minds.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

Apart from the National Gallery, Harare city is also home to the magical Queen Victoria Museum. The museum’s architectural design was certainly notable and auspicious. It was in fact only one of its kind. We esteemed thee efforts we had put forwards towards the trip as it was getting more brilliant. We walked to its interiors where we found a great collection of artifacts from different ages all housed there to represent the periodic changes in life. They were remarkably good looking and charming. We found them very useful as they enabled us tackle some problems we had encountered in our studies. The guides were more useful and social as we interacted with them to have a clear view of the anthropological importance of the artifacts. Our visit was going perfect.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

The magnetic city of Bulawayo was another place that we could hardly leave Zimbabwe before visiting. The city had a lovely setting that definitely gave us a lot of desire to find some building to rent for a home. The streets were undeniably awe inspiring and eye catching. We liked the way they had been structured to ensure no dirty waters were running aimlessly through the town. The city was garlanded with lovely gigantic trees that stood high above in the air to ensure they drove all the tranquil air to the city. We indeed liked the experience very much. The railway museum was our major place of adventure in the city and so we headed straight to it. This was a brilliant open museum where wreckages of trains were stack together to form a museum. The trains comprised those that were in use long time ago to the time when they were replaced by the vehicles. We enjoyed walking over their roofs as we took aerial photos of all of them. It was surely a nice and fabulous place to be.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

We then headed to the charming Kariba Dam. The dam was mind blogging and appealing. It felt so nice standing and relaxing besides it watching the water wobbling due to little wind disturbances. The water was tempting and could not manage to keep off the desire to jump into them. However we chose to use a well maintained boat that drove us across and back. The wind was incredibly as it blew across our faces making us feel freshened and more rejuvenated for greater exploration. We certainly could not wish to leave. The locals here were forthcoming and helped us in understanding on how the dam had come to be. We were certainly grateful to them for their interaction. Our visit was indeed magical.

 Travel to Zimbabwe

We finally drove to the superb Great Zimbabwe ruins to admire what had remained. The site was scenic and inviting. The stony buildings were intact on the ground and seemed to manage to survive over more years. These ruins are in fact the oldest in the southern part of Africa. They were gorgeous to look at and we took them several photos before walking into their interiors to survey the beauties hidden in them. The place was also a home to soap stones which were truly wonderful and worth of seeing. It was indeed a great place that had retained its beauty over a long time. Our visit was certainly one of the best and we vowed to visit Zimbabwe for another adventure.


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