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We are constantly asked whether individuals will be safe in Zimbabwe. My answer is yes, to the political situation but also be aware that pick pockets and thief?s still walk the street as they do every where on this planet. So for anyone planning a trip there, you can be guaranteed to return home in one piece, just be careful with yourselves.

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I understand that safety is an important issue regardless of where one travelling in the world.Zimbabwe has many safari lodges and game reserves. However, safety standards and training vary, and one should check whether operators are trained and licensed. We are all aware of a number of incidents in which animals have attacked visitors resulting in injuries and, in some cases, deaths. Some activities, such as walking or canoe safaris, could pose risks to personal safety as animals in the game parks and reserves are wild. One should treat them with caution and respect, and keep a safe distance from them at all times.




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